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Prodigious Wide, "Ross"

  Even though Ross is very young, we can already tell that he is going to grow up to be a very strong willed young man, who knows his worth very well. He is friendly with people, but often forgets that we are a lot more fragile than him.
  Ross is quite a little monster when being groomed. If you want to have a chance to touch him at all with a brush, he has to be attached in the corridor from both sides, otherwise he will just keep on moving around endlessly. Once he's attached, he actually seems to enjoy his grooming session. Picking up his hooves still causes some trouble with the occasional swish of a hoof towards the groom.

  Ross has met the farrier once already, for a quick check up. He was actually behaving well - until the very last moment, when he decided to give the poor chap a souvenir on his bum, in the form of a hoof formed bruise.
  The vet on the other hand managed to get away in one piece, albeit slightly annoyed. We will have to work on his social skills a little bit.

  Training-wise Ross is currently only being taught basic groundwork. Most of his time is spent on a paddock, where he can run and play around as much as he wants.

   Pontifical Hexen
   trak, 172cm, bay
   Nothwulf Belv YLA1, KRJ I
   trak, 170cm, bay
   Nicotinecall PB YLA2, KRJ I, KRL II, vTOK***
   trak, 170cm, chestnut
   Prettyaholic YLA2, KRJ I, KRL II
   trak, 170cm, bay
   trak, 170cm, bay
   trak, 170cm, chestnut
   Pisang SNT
   trak, 170cm, bay
   Cheeky Cadence
   xx, 163cm, buckskin or palomino
   Jazz 'n' Blues xx
   xx, 163cm, cremello
   Passion 'n' Tango
   xx, 163cm,sabino palomino
   Only Lover Ring xx
   xx, 158cm, buckskin
   Chichi Charm
   xx, 162cm, bay
   Graveyard Atchoo KERJ I
   xx, 161cm, dark bay
   Chacha Charlanta XLA I, KRJ II, ERJ II, KERJ II
   xx, 163cm, chestnut


Born Name Dam Owner
xx.xx.201x x x x

Association Total points acquired Tittle Earnings
ASEF 1000

Date Association Place / Show Class Placement Points Earnings
05.08.2016 PKK Greywood Ranch Rakenne - varsat HY, SA
04.08.2016 PKK Allu Express Hevosvarsat HY

27.06.2016 Free Jumping Ez Zahr Freispringen E (2-6J) 4./20

09.06.2016 Conformation Ribaneiro 2J Hengste Kat. Sportpferde 6./8 6,9 Punkten

01/04/2016 ASEF Dublin International Weanling Colts/Geldings TT 2 1000

2016 ASJA Germantown Charity Show Weanling Prospect Colt RCh
2016 ASJA Mid South Classic Weanling Prospect Colt RCh
2016 ASJA Arena UK Show Jumping Weanling Prospect Colt TT
2016 ASJA Sternhof Pre-Anniversary Cup III Weanling Prospect Colt TT

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