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Silverbrand Amoretta, "Rea"

  Even though Rea is very young, you can already see that she's taking after her mother. She is extremely patient for her age, making it easier to teach her new things. She is also very friendly, remembering to beg for extra scratches at her favourite spots whenever someone says hello to her.
  Grooming time is Rea's favourite time of the day. She can't wait for it, and often makes a ruckus if she sees another horse is being groomed close to her. She enjoys the brushing, and very helpfully raises her hooves before she's even asked to do so.

  Rea's helpfulness has impressed the farrier for sure, as he seemed to be very pleased with her after her first check up. The vet made sure to praise her for her friendly manners after her health check as well.

  The only work Rea currently has to go through is some light ground work. Other than that, she spends most of her time with Pia and Cas on a paddock.

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   Windwalker Vegas
   holst, 166cm, black
   Walk Talking CTN
   holst, 165cm, chestnut
   Lost Soul 66
   holst, 165cm, chestnut
   Goblin Catwalk
   holst, 165cm
   holst, 163cm, black
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© ALL-SIM EVALUATION STATION      Silverbrand Amoretta
Holsteiner, sto

Ras- och könstyp 9/10 p.
Huvud, hals, bål 8/10 p.
Extremiteter och rörelsernas korrekthet 8/10 p.
Rörelsemekanik i trav 8/10 p.
Form och ridbarhet 8/10 p.

Diplom ~ 41/50 p.
Domare: Saga86, SISF's Bedömningsstation

Silverbrand Amoretta
Exteriör: Diplom
Antal meriter: 0
Antal avkommor: 0

Totalt: 0 p.
Värdebokstav: G
Domare: Saga86, SISF's Bedömningsstation

Born Name Sire Owner
xx.xx.201x x x x

Association Total points acquired Tittle Earnings
Hevoskantakirja 17+16+17+16 = 66p KTK III
ASEF 5000

Date Association Place / Show Class Placement Points Earnings
21.09.2016 VSN Iowa Puoliveritammat 1./10 40p (tuom. spookiness) SW1 CH

03.07.2016 Free Jumping Stall James Freispringen 2-3J - Abt 1 2./15

09.06.2016 Conformation Ribaneiro Schau 2J Stuten Kat. Sportpferde 6./9 7,3 Punkten

01/04/2016 ASEF Amman International Weanling Fillies TT 2 1000
01/04/2016 ASEF Dublin International Weanling Fillies TT 2 1000
01/04/2016 ASEF Melbourne International Weanling Fillies RCH 5 3000

2016 ASJA HITS On The Hudson III Weanling Prospect Filly RCh
2016 ASJA Sternhof Pre-Anniversary Cup III Weanling Prospect Filly TT
2016 ASJA Sternhof PS Festival VII Weanling Prospect Filly TT
2016 ASJA Sternhof Pre-Anniversary Cup IV Weanling Prospect Filly TT

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