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Caldero v. Corbeau, "Cal"

  Cal is a balanced, friendly stallion, who treats everyone with great care. He often greets anyone who enters his box with a soft whinny, giving you a warm look with his blue eyes.
  When groomed, Cal usually stands still, patiently waiting for you to get him ready. This can often take a while, especially if he has been in his paddock before being taken in for grooming, as he enjoys rolling in the muddiest places. He doesn't do it out of spite, he just feels better with a thick layer of mud over his black coat.

  Both the vet and the farrier always praise him for his calm patience. He is easy to work with, and lets both of them do what's necessary.

  When being trained, Cal tends to warm up relatively quickly. He needs a lot of round paths, side passes and transitions to get the engine rolling. Once he's ready for more involved work, the rider can feel it as he starts to move completely differently. The slightly flat gaits become springy and elastic, and he starts collecting himself properly. As long as the rider gives him enough space in the front, and keeps the tact even, he will keep his round form and his nose slightly in front of the vertical.
  At competitions Cal tends to stay completely calm. He isn't quite as patient, and might occasionally test the rider with sudden sprints to check that he hasn't been left completely alone.

   Callisto Roth KTK III, YLA3
   trak, 168cm, black
  VIR MVA Ch Dark Liberty Spike ERJ I, YLA1, KTK III
   trak, 168cm
  VIR MVA Ch That Day ERJ II, YLA2
   trak, 163cm
   Teen Vogue SJP I, ERJ I
   trak, 166cm
   Ironica Roth ERJ II
   trak, 167cm, chestnut
   Rye Iron ERJ II
   trak, 168cm, bay
   trak, 167cm, chestnut
   Freya v. Corbeau
   fwb, 167cm, black
  VIR MVA Ch Soren v. Corbeau KTK III, YLA3, KRJ I
   fwb, 168cm, black
   Rashal KTK II, YLA3
   fwb, 160cm, bay
   fwb, 162cm, bay
   Wednesday SIN KTK III, YLA3
   fwb, 167cm, chestnut
   Aza Matts Z
   Cheyenne AIR
   fwb, 166cm, chestnut


Born Name Dam Owner
xx.xx.201x x x x

Association Total points acquired Tittle Earnings

Date Association Place / Show Class Placement Points Earnings
10.06.2016 KRJ Metsovaara Grand Prix 1./21
10.06.2016 KRJ Hukkapuro Grand Prix 4./30
08.06.2016 KRJ Metsovaara Grand Prix 2./21
05.06.2016 KRJ Hukkapuro Grand Prix 1./30
04.06.2016 KRJ Metsovaara Grand Prix 4./21
04.06.2016 KRJ Metsovaara Grand Prix 1./21
04.06.2016 KRJ Hukkapuro Grand Prix 2./30
03.06.2016 KRJ Metsovaara Grand Prix 1./21
02.06.2016 KRJ Hukkapuro Grand Prix 5./30
01.06.2016 KRJ Hukkapuro Grand Prix 3./30
12.07.2014 KRJ Oldsfellin Kartano Grand Prix 4./30
11.07.2014 KRJ Oldsfellin Kartano Grand Prix 4./30
01.07.2014 KRJ Hex Sporthorses Grand Prix 1./60
30.06.2014 KRJ Hex Sporthorses Grand Prix 7./60

30.06.2016 ERJ Metsovaara 90cm 1./39
27.06.2016 ERJ Metsovaara 90cm 5./39
26.06.2016 ERJ Metsovaara 90cm 3./39
24.06.2016 ERJ Metsovaara 90cm 2./36
19.06.2016 ERJ Mörkövaara 90cm 3./30
18.06.2016 ERJ Mörkövaara 90cm 2./30
16.06.2016 ERJ Metsovaara 70cm 1./20
15.06.2016 ERJ Metsovaara 60cm 3./20
15.06.2016 ERJ Mörkövaara 90cm 5./30
14.06.2016 ERJ Metsovaara 60cm 3./20

09.08.2016 PKK Allu Express Pääkuvat (oriit) KM
04.08.2016 PKK Allu Express Pääkuva KP
02.07.2016 PKK Newerra Pääkuva KP

26.06.2016 Dressage Kailua Events Großer Preis v. d. Dressur - GP Kür 2./14
18.06.2016 Dressage Ez Zahr Dressur Grand Prix Musikkür 3./15
11.06.2016 Dressage TS Berger S-Dressur Grand Prix 2./15
28.05.16 Dressage TS Berger S-Dressur Grand Prix 2./10

19.06.2016 Show Jumping Turnierstall Zille Springen - Kl E - Abt 1 2./11
19.06.2016 Show Jumping Ez Zahr Zeitspringen E - Abt 2 2./14

19.06.2016 Free Jumping Ez Zahr Freispringen 5yo+ - Abt 3 2./19

09.06.2016 Conformation Ribaneiro 7J+ Hengste Kat. Sportpferde 18./31 7,5 Punkten

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