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Still Dreaming arc9 ox, "Dreamy"

  The first thing you'll hear every morning when entering the stable, is the sugar sweet whinnying from Dreamy's box. This is followed by the greedy mares demanding kicks against her box door, which ultimately sets off the rest of the stable as well. Her thoughts seem to only revolve around food and stuffing her face - and waiting is unacceptable according to her majesty. Other than that, she is quite the sweetie with a big heart and nerves of steel.
  Dreamy is an easy one to groom, when it comes to the basic everyday tasks - but there are plenty of situations where the mare always acts up. Washing her, for an example, can prove to be quite difficult, as she seems to see the hose as a massive monster. Another thing she seems to fear is the stables solarium, mainly due to the hum of the machine.

  The farrier is an old friend of Dreamy, and they get along very well. Currently Dreamy only has shoes on her front hooves. Dreamy behaves well around the vet as well.

  Dreamy is an easy one to train, responding well to the rider. You don't need to warm her up for quite as long as some other horses of the stable, but she needs a few more breaks during the session.
  At competitions Dreamy is usually more stressed than her rider. She gets very jumpy around all those new horses, people and places. Due to this, she needs a lot more time to warm up. Once she's calmed down and concentrates more on what the rider is asking from her, she's ready for anything.

   Fahil Hadah al Rayad ox
   dom ox, 152cm, bay
   Volta's Dycorn ox
   ox, 149cm
  Ch Dahabu Yakout ox
  VIR MVA Ch Dahabu Dream On ox KTK III
  VIR MVA Ch Psyada bint Psycho D ox KTK II
   ox, 154cm, dark bay
  VIR MVA Ch Dahabu Ibn Leges++++ KTK II, NALA III, YLA2
   ox, 154cm, dark bay
  Ch Dahabu Psycho KTK III, KRJ IV, YLA2
   ox, 146cm, grey
   Ice Rose arc9 ox
   dom ox, 154cm, bay
  Ch Izz Masree KTK III
   ox, 156cm, bay
  VIR MVA Ch Beau Paris KTK II, YLA2
   ox, 153cm, bay
   SFM Adara Shaheen ox
   Shiroi Rose of Sahara ox KTK III, YLA2
   dom ox, 152cm, grey
   Shiroi Silent Sea ox KTK II, KRJ I, ERJ III
   dom ox, 150cm, bay
   Shiroi Akari Samui ox
   dom ox, 154cm, grey


  Born   Name   Sire   Owner
  xx.xx.201x   x   x   x

Date Association Place Class Placement Points Earnings
02.07.2016 KRJ Március Helppo A 5./40
25.06.2016 KRJ Március Helppo A 2./40
21.06.2016 KRJ Turha Helppo A 3./30
19.06.2016 KRJ Edelsten Ponies Helppo A 5./30
18.07.2014 KRJ Shadiya Arabians Helppo A 3./31
13.07.2014 KRJ Konkkaronkka Helppo A 3./40
05.07.2014 KRJ Vuorna Helppo A 6./40

28.06.2016 ERJ Metsovaara 90cm 3./36
27.06.2016 ERJ Metsovaara 90cm 2./36
21.06.2016 ERJ Metsovaara 90cm 1./39
19.06.2016 ERJ Mörkövaara 90cm 4./30
14.06.2016 ERJ Metsovaara 70cm 1./20
14.06.2016 ERJ Metsovaara 60cm 4./20
13.06.2016 ERJ Metsovaara 60cm 4./20
12.06.2016 ERJ Metsovaara 60cm 4./20
11.07.2014 ERJ Tuulenpesä 80cm 3./35
11.07.2014 ERJ Tuulenpesä 70cm 4./19
01.07.2014 ERJ Lowa Sporthorse 90cm 5./30

05.07.2014 KeRJ Littleness Helppo (avoin) 6./50

03.07.2016 VSN VSN Piirretyt hevostammat 5./8 34p (tuom. dookie)

04.08.2016 PKK Allu Express Hevostammat HY

26.06.2016 Dressage Kailua Events Dressurprfg Kl L auf Trense - Abt 2 2./15
04.06.2016 Dressage VRH zum Hufeisen E-Dressur 1./12

19.06.2016 Free Jumping Ez Zahr Freispringen 5yo+ - Abt 1 1./20

09.06.2016 Conformation Ribaneiro 7J+ Stute Kat. Andere Rassen 3./13 7,7 Punkten

10.06.2016 Dressage mega nova's la dressyr LA:2 2./10

10.06.2016 Show Jumping hoof hearted's ld/90 hoppning LD/90 A 2./10

01/04/2016 ASEF Dublin International Open Second Level Test II TT 2 1000
01/04/2016 ASEF Dublin International Open Third Level Freestyle TT 2 1000

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