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Fandango van de Istria, "Django"

  Django is a fiery little stallion geared up with a big attitude. Most of the time he seems like a little macho who likes to show off, but at other times he acts like a spoiled little prince. He can be nice - but only if he really wants something from you!
  When grooming Django, you'd be well off with eyes at the back of your head. He is one of those horses, who will always use any opportunity given to him to cause trouble. He'll try and bite your bum when you least expect it - he will even steal brushes from your hand, and you won't notice until you're trying to use it!

  The vet gets along with the stallion, but only due to a secret weapon - some dried apple crisps! Django can't resist these sweet little pieces of heaven, and lets the vet do his work without a hitch in exchange for a few of them. The farrier has managed to work on his hooves without buying the stallions approval with food - for now.

  Training Django is pretty much like gambling. If you are lucky he will be absolutely amazing - but if the odds are against you, you're in for a ride! On the good days he works like a clockwork, doing exactly as you wish. He will listen to both weight and a light connection, almost turning around himself if needed. On the bad days ...... You will find yourself on the ground. Constantly. And the landings can be horribly painful.
At competitions the little macho is in his element, showing off his moves like a little champ. He won't stress at all, unless the rider sits on his back all stiff - as if they swallowed a broom.

   Roscoff Fruitpop
   British riding pony (93,359375%), 145cm, bay
   Riot Andropop  KTK III
   New Forest pony, 143cm, bay
   Southwood Charmando  KTK III
   New Forest pony, 144cm, bay
  VIR MVA Ch Stratford Yvette  KTK II, KRJ II
   New Forest pony, 145cm, chestnut
   Painswick Anny
   British riding pony (86,71875%), 140cm, bay
  Ch Cadfridog Nymfo  VWY II, YLA2, VWY C
   welsh B, 131cm, palomino
   Eferhild Africa
   British riding pony (73.4375%), 144cm, black
   Istria Millenium Rose  KTK III
   rp (67.1875%), 146cm, palomino
   Istria Heavenlyhost
   Austrian riding pony (53.125%), 148cm, cremello
   Hitfire van Vauper
   British riding pony (56.25%), 148cm, palomino
   Lumiére van Couq
   Dutch riding pony (50%), 147cm, palomino
   Istria Mona Lisa
   Austrian riding pony (81.25%), 146cm, sabino palomino
   Sweetys Blind Melon  KTK III
   American riding pony (62.5%), 148cm, sabino palomino
  Ch Sweet Mayday  KTK III
   New Forest pony, 143cm, bay


Born Name Dam Owner
xx.xx.201x x x x

Association Total points acquired Tittle Earnings
KV 27p KV-II

(Päivitetty) Porrastettu laji Pisteet Taso Max. taso
(16.09.2016) KRJ 2410.5p 6 5
(16.09.2016) ERJ 1498.81p 4 1

Date Association Place / Show Class Placement Points Earnings
21.08.2016 PKK Allu Express Ponioriit HY

30.12.2014 KRJ Cerra Vaativa B 05./40
09.12.2014 KRJ Mörkövaara Vaativa B 04./30
04.12.2014 KRJ Mörkövaara Vaativa B 03./30
03.12.2014 KRJ Mörkövaara Vaativa B 04./30
24.11.2014 KRJ Mörkövaara Vaativa B 01./30
23.11.2014 KRJ Mörkövaara Vaativa B 05./30
21.11.2014 KRJ Mörkövaara Vaativa B 05./30
20.11.2014 KRJ Mörkövaara Vaativa B 05./30
19.11.2014 KRJ Mörkövaara Vaativa B 05./30
17.11.2014 KRJ Mörkövaara Vaativa B 01./30
17.11.2014 KRJ Mörkövaara Vaativa B 05./30
16.11.2014 KRJ Mörkövaara Vaativa B 02./30
12.11.2014 KRJ Dainty Vaativa B 01./40
10.11.2014 KRJ Mörkövaara Helppo A 04./30
10.11.2014 KRJ Dainty Vaativa B 02./30
09.11.2014 KRJ Dainty Vaativa B 04./30
07.11.2014 KRJ Dainty Vaativa B 02./40
06.11.2014 KRJ Dainty Vaativa B 02./40
06.11.2014 KRJ Fiktio Helppo B 07./50
05.11.2014 KRJ Dainty Vaativa B 04./40
04.11.2014 KRJ Fiktio Helppo B 06./50
03.11.2014 KRJ Solutions Helppo A 04./30
02.11.2014 KRJ Solutions Helppo A 03./30
18.10.2014 KRJ Mörkövaara Helppo A 06./40
15.10.2014 KRJ Sinnesro Helppo A 05./30
03.10.2014 KRJ KK Bailador Helppo C 04./42
02.10.2014 KRJ KK Bailador Helppo C 05./42

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