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Charleroi Narissa, "Aria"

  Aria is a rather careful mare, who doesn't trust one implicitly. From what we've seen, she needs some time to warm up to you before you can start working properly with her. She is also a tad shy when it comes to meeting other horses.
  When being groomed, Aria tends to drop her guard a little bit. She relaxes visibly, enjoying the brushing. She does have a minor fear of water, which we are still working on - due to this, showering her or cooling off her legs during hotter days might be a hassle.

  The first vet appointment worked out quite well, but the farrier had to wait patiently for quite a while before the mare even let him near her.

  Training wise, Aria is currently only going through some basic ground work - she is also being worked on the lunge line lightly. Other than that, the mare spends most of her time with the other fillies on a pasture, playing around and growing up.

   Skips v.d. Low  KTK II, EV-I
   German riding pony (68.75%), 145cm, bay
   Newstead Touchdown
   British riding pony (50%), 145cm, black
   British riding pony (50%), 147cm, black
   Newstead Hazel
   British riding pony (50%), 145cm, chestnut
   Ponnydalens Tilda
   Swedish riding pony (87.5%), 140cm, red bay roan
   Ponnydalens Truls
   Swedish riding pony (75%), 140cm, bay
   Peps van Keenashaw
   New Forest pony, 141cm, bay roan
   Quack Nicolette
   Dansk Sports Pony (25%), 146cm, Leopard patterned bay
   Knabstrupper, 167cm, leopard patterned
   Knabstrupper, 166cm, leopard patterned
   Knabstrupper, 160cm, leopard patterned
   Bergsøegård's Nicolina
   Danish riding pony (50%), 148cm, leopard patterned
   Da Capo 69 GER
   Danish riding pony (50%), 147cm, grey
   Bergsøegård's Nicoletta
   Dansk Sports Pony (50%), 148cm, leopard patterned


Born Name Sire Owner
xx.xx.201x x x x

Association Total points acquired Tittle Earnings

(Päivitetty) Porrastettu laji Pisteet Taso Max. taso
(16.09.2016) ERJ 0p 0 6
(16.09.2016) KRJ 0p 0 4

Date Association Place / Show Class Placement Points Earnings

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