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KH Aikhtibar, "Aki"

  Aki is a fiery young stallion, bursting with energy. He has already made it perfectly clear to us, that he is a hyperactive little monster who will need extra attention - mainly to keep the silly boy occupied, and the place in one piece.
  Grooming Aki is quite the task. He doesn't seem to want to stay still for even a moment, so he usually ends up being attached from both sides in the corridor. Picking up his hooves is also quite the task currently, but we are positive he will get better in the future.

  Due to him being so difficult when picking up his hooves, we thought the farrier wouldn't even bother with a first check up - but we were wrong. It went better than we could have imagined, and the farrier was able to do his work properly. The vet was quite happy with Aki's behaviour as well, even though the little guy didn't quite appreciate the vaccination he got.

  Currently the only training we do with Aki revolves around groundwork. Most of his time is spent on a paddock with the other colts.

   Elgwir Saracen ox
   dom ox, 156cm, grey
   Flammarion ox
   dom ox, 156cm, grey
   Trojan D ox +++  KRJ II
   dom ox, 150cm, grey
   Farr Maharani ox ++  KTK III, KRJ II
   dom ox, 150cm, grey
   Syanid Sarmadee ox
   dom ox, 156cm, chestnut
   Ibenka Shafiq
   dom ox, 157cm, chestnut
   Syanid Rasheeka ox
   dom ox, 156cm, grey
   KH Bassira Batale ox
   dom ox, 149cm, grey
   KH Kadalim Ata ox
   dom ox, 151cm
   KH Abdul ox
   dom ox, 154cm, grey
   KH Sadia Hanoa ox
   dom ox, 149cm, chestnut
   KH Alasha ox
   dom ox, 147cm, grey
   Aeesha ox
   dom ox, 150cm, grey
   KH Caneies Solr Fakhiriyya ox
   dom ox, 150cm, chestnut


Born Name Dam Owner
xx.xx.201x x x x

Association Total points acquired Tittle Earnings

(Päivitetty) Porrastettu laji Pisteet Taso Max. taso
(16.09.2016) KRJ 193.87p 0 6
(16.09.2016) ERJ 170.57p 0 4
(16.09.2016) KeRJ 62.18p 0 1

Date Association Place / Show Class Placement Points Earnings
30.07.2016 Foal Meeting Adina Nuoret hevoset 1-3v LKV2./9 9-7-6 = 22p II palk

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