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  When you heard of Arctic, your first thought surely wasn't of a small private virtual stable, situated almost at the heart of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. No - I'm quite sure, the first thing that entered your mind was either penguins... or imminent death by hypothermia. Except if you're the adventurous type - in that case you might have had an image of an ice bear mauling you on your mind.

  But here you are, standing next to your car at the gates of an old renovated farmhouse. You can hear a horse whinny in the distance, and rolling your eyes you think "Ugh, such a cliché. Next thing I know, some pink unicorn will walk past me, smiling sweetly, farting rainbows.".

  You swing yourself back into your car, push your sunglasses back up your nose, and continue on the narrow road through the gates, towards the farmhouse and its stable. You neatly park next to another car underneath some old willows, hoping you won't return to your car and find it covered in guano. You turn around and are startled by a near collision with a woman in her mid-twenties. The woman looks at you, as if ready to kick you back from whence you came if needed. A bright smile creeps on to her lips, but you can tell it's forced.
  She says something that sounds like gibberish to you - all you can make out of it is "Moien!" which sounds like a greeting. You stare at her and, understanding, she starts running through a well practiced list. "Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Pratar ni Svenska? Puhutteko Suomea? Parlez-vous francaise? 日本語をはなしますか。". You're about to give up, turn around and never come back, when the woman suddenly switches to fluent English. Before you know it, you're being pulled towards the stable, being given a full description of everything and everyone. Maybe you should have left when you still had the chance.

We hope you enjoy your visit - and remind you one more time, that this is a completely fictitious, virtual stable.

//alex. (VRL-0136, FSRa)

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> 16.07.2016
  Some minor updates here and there. Got some new horses, added those. Still need to work on some pages and draw some pictures.

> 08.06.2016
  Finished updating the main pages. Next on the to do list - horses, deceased horses & old competition pages.

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Tämä on täysin virtuaalinen talli - yksikään hevonen tai tapahtuma ei ole todellinen.
This is a SIM-Game stable - meaning, nothing on this page is real.